For Traders: Subscribe & Trade signals


  1. Open Telegram. Search @CryfiBot and hit Start.

  2. Click the "I'm a Trader" button to open Cryfi's App.

  1. Explore Signal Providers. Discover all Signal Providers that use Cryfi and join their free channels/groups or subscribe to their paid channel through Yoki Finance Web3 Subscription payments.

  2. Try a Free trial. Some providers offer free trial access to their paid channels. That's a great opportunity to check the Signal channel before subscribing.

Inside Signals' channel

  1. Hit the Copy Signal button. Hit "Copy Signal " right from the Signal channel to start interacting with Cryfi Bot.

  2. Connect your Binance API. Follow the instructions inside the Telegram bot Mini App to connect your Binance API. Currently, we support only Binance Signals execution.

  3. Trade Signal. After connecting the Binance API, you will see the Signal that you copied. Edit entry, exit, stop loss, leverage, and position size in percentage if needed. To execute the Signal, add position size in traded currency (i.e, for BTC/USDT position size will be USDT). Review the order and choose if you wish to cancel the trade when the Target 1 is reached before any Entry 1 target is filled to put all orders on Biannce exchange.

  1. Manage Signals. Manage Signals right from Cryfi and edit all orders you executed or plan to execute even before they appear on the exchange.

  2. Manage Subscriptions. Manage your paid subscriptions through Cryfi. If you want to change the subscription, click on "Manage Subscription" and hit "Cancel subscription" first. Choose the new plan and subscribe again. Additionally, you can always navigate to your non-custodial wallet to cancel the subscription by cancelling the contract.

  3. Manage Binance APIs. Open the "Manage Binance API" page to remove or add new API keys.

V1.2 - future development

  • Trading Statistics. All Signal Providers will have Signal statistics so you can make an informed decision whether on join the signal channel or not. Statistics will include Profit, Win rate, Average Risk, and most used trading pairs with the ability to download the statistics in SCV.

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