For Signal Providers: create and share signals


  1. Connect your Telegram channel. Find @CryfiBot in Telegram search and tap Start. Hit "I'm a Signal Provider" and follow the Bot instructions to add @CryfiBot to your channel or group with ā€œAdd subscribersā€ and ā€œPost messageā€ features enabled. You can deactivate other permissions. Bot will send you a message to your chat to confirm the binding. Currently, we support only one group/channel per account.

  2. Set subscription price and receiving wallet. Open Mini App. If your channel is Free (Public), skip this step & step 3. If your channel is Private (Paid), navigate to the "Subscription & Wallet" and add a subscription price in USD to your channel. You can add one or multiple plans: 1 month, 6 month or 1 year. Next, navigate to the "Receiving wallet" tab to add your receiving wallet, and select the currency and chain in which you wish your subscriber to pay. We recommend using the non-custodial multichain wallet to give your new subscribers more flexibility. Cryfi will remind members to pay on time and remove them from your channel/group if they don't pay.

  3. Free trial. Additionally, on the "Subscription" tab, you can add "Free trial" access to your channel. Free trials are powerful tools for attracting more subscribers. Users can use the Free trial only once. Once the Free trial period ends, Cryfi will kick the user from the channel/group.

Once saved Subscription & Wallet info is saved, you won't be able to edit plans or receiving wallet in the Cryfi V1.1. If you wish to make changes please contact support.

  1. Create Signal. Return to the @CryfiBot and hit the "Open Mini App" buton to open the App. In the App, hit "Create Signal". Choose the pair (currently, we support only Binance pairs) and add all necessary entries, targets, stop losses and leverage. Optionally, you can add "Position size" in %, be advised if you won't put the "Position size" we will divide it proportionally (e.g. 2 entries = 50%+50%, 3 entries= 33,3%+33,3%+33,3%). Also optionally you can add Signal description and TradingView Link.

  1. Share the Signal in your group/channel.

  2. Get a competitive advantage. Since Cryfi stores all your Signal and Members' history you will have much brighter spot in our leaderboard once live. With Member's history, you can be assured of restoring your community if your Telegram channel get banned or deleted for any reason. šŸ”“ If you want to connect new channel to Cryfi you need to remove @CryfiBot from the old channel. Since current version supports only 1 channel per account. To do so: 1. Open your channel

    2. Open Administrators

    3. Remove @CryfiBot from the channel 4. Add @CryfiBot to desired channel

V1.2 - future development

  • Trading Statistics. All Signal Providers will have Signal statistics. Statistics will include Profit, Win rate, Average Risk, and most used trading pairs with the ability to download the statistics in SCV.

  • Signal Perfomance notifications. Get automatic notifications sent to your channel once any of your Signals Entries/Targets are met so subscribers can see your perfomace in real time.

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