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Cryfi is a marketplace where pro traders can monetize their knowledge right from Telegram, and newbies can earn & learn from blockchain-verified traders.


With the rise of AI, copy, and algo trading, traders face challenges in choosing the right trading automation tool. Some tools ask you to connect your wallet, offering an easy start, and some ask for the full KYC, which is a big commitment. Whereas Signal Trading remains the most underserved trading automation strategy, and Signal Providers* are often associated with scammers.

Frankly, Signal Providers are not alone. More than 100 million traders worldwide cannot prove their trading skills without a full-scale trading skill assessment.

The Problem

For Signal Providers

  1. Impossible to prove trading skills. To prove their market knowledge, Providers can demonstrate their Excel spreadsheet or screenshot from Binance, which can be easily manipulated. This is why the Signal Trading landscape is filled with scammers.

  2. You can't reach your audience without marketing. Providers don't have a platform to promote their signals and need to handle marketing themselves in order to attract traders. Therefore, providers busy trading and sharing quality signals don't have time for marketing, and fake providers who know how TikTok algorithms work and spend thousands on marketing are getting all the exposure instead.

  3. Difficult payment collection. Providers must invent their own system for collecting, processing, and troubleshooting payments to access their paid channel with signals.

  4. Risk of losing your community. No one is safe from channel blocks that could occur from bot attacks or competitors. In case of channel blocking, Providers will lose all their valuable community forever.

  5. High barrier of entry. Because of struggles with marketing, it's hard to become a Signal Provider from 0 and start to monetize your trading skills.

For Traders

  1. Inability to verify Signals. It's difficult to provide evidence of the effectiveness of signals beyond screenshots from Binance or Excel spreadsheets, which can be easily manipulated.

  2. It's hard to discover signals. The only way to discover signals is through scam-looking social media ads promoting you to join the Trading Signals channel.

  3. Lack of interactivity. You are forced to copy signals and technical analysis manually. It's like having to rewrite a DOC document instead of simply copying and pasting it.


Cryfi is here to simplify the journey for all. We're crafting a decentralized and reliable ecosystem where:

  • Signal providers are assessed and ranked by recording and evaluating their signals on Blockchain, forming verifiable success ratings.

  • Traders can choose signal providers informedly from the publicly available leaderboard, pick their preferred payment method, and interact with signals seamlessly, eliminating manual copying, or become providers themselves by simply submitting their trades via our Telegram bot.

And everyone can enjoy a user-friendly trading terminal that connects to all major exchanges and DEXes via API.

*Signal Providers – are pro-traders who share Signals (text-based trading strategies) with their community, often in Telegram and/or Discord. Signals can be either free or paid.


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