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Proof-of-Signal. No more TikTok traders proving to you that they make "1000%" from every trade. Every Signal is encrypted and stored on the blockchain. Making it impossible to manipulate the success rating. Learn more

Trading Automation. Connect multiple exchanges and speed up your signal execution by trading right from Telegram or on-chart from our App. DEX multichain trading. Besides signal execution on centralized exchanges, enjoy decentralized trading on various chains, avoiding possible CEX collapse (sorry, FTX). Closed Trading Group. We will create 2 closed groups with TOP 10 and TOP 100 top-performing traders from our leaderboard. In the group, you will be able to ask pro-traders any trading-related questions, starting from advice, feedback, and recommendations and ending up with personal signals and mentoring. To make the knowledge-sharing fair, traders will be motivated via $CRFY. The closed group will have limited sits with access only through Founder Pass NFT and $CRFY token. Trading Learning materials. By collaborating with top-performing traders who proved their trading knowledge we will co-create the first ever on-chain proved trading learning materials and trading school. Same as closed group access to learning materials will be available only through Founder Pass NFT and $CRFY token. Interactive Technical Analysis. Copy Signals together with technical analysis and comments right on the live chart, where you can easily edit the Signal and TA and execute it in no time from our App. Secure Payment. By paying for a paid channel, you can be assured that you will get access to it. If something goes wrong, we will get you a full refund or access to a similar channel of your choice.

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