Cryfi token - $CRFY

TGE ~2025

The Cryfi token is the first token designed specifically for signal trading. $CRFY aims to empower Cryfi's users, democratize trading, and create a fair and transparent trading ecosystem.


Signals' payment with a refund mechanism. Instead of paying for the subscription to the Signal channel, you will be able to pay per Signal and get refunded if the Signal hits the stop loss or won't work in the 1-month period. This way, the $CRFY token will reduce the price for Signals (which is ~ $150/mo) and protect traders from paying for bad signals. On the other hand, Signal Providers will get a new and efficient way to monetize their Signals.

Powering community of TOP traders. Founder Pass and $CRFY will be the only currency accepted to get access to the closed group with top-performing traders from our leaderboard. To make the knowledge-sharing fair, traders will be motivated via $CRFY to answer any trading-related questions, give recommendations, or even mentor.

Unlocking the on-chain verified trading learning materials. Cryfi token will allow you to get access to the first-ever trading learning materials created by top-performing traders from our leaderboard.

Community brawls. $CRFY holders will be able to stake tokens to compete with other communities over the trading performance. The more profitable community within the brawl timeline (1w, 2w, 1mo) will win the staked tokens of the loser community.

Platform discounts. Token holders will be entitled to discounts for all Cryfi's services, such as discounts for Cryfi Pro, lower trading fees, discounts for Signal providers' promotions, and more.

⚙️ Tokenomics is in progress.

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